Celebrity Inspired Silver Jewelry Ideas

You follow their Instagram, stalk their newsfeed and gobble their gossip– so it’s no surprise you probably pine for their too! This season, give your style that extra round of applause by going for that celebrity status image. Fashion icons like Kendall and Beyoncé are constantly teaching us what it means to be a true trend-setter, especially when it comes to silver jewelry! From chokers to charm bracelets, we’re all about what the stars are wearing!

Kedall’s choker


If Kendall’s wearing it, you know it’s hot. As she beautifully models for us (as per usual), the choker trend is still going strong. Adored for its funky vibe and 90’s vintage appeal, the choker has become a staple in our silver jewelry boxes.

You can wear it elegantly with your sexiest camisole, like Kendall shows, or simple rock it casually with t-shirt and leather jacket. Fortunately for us, the choker trend is super versatile and looks cute with all types of outfits. So if you’re not exactly a whiz at coordinating your jewelry, the choker should be your loyal go-to.

Miley Cryus’ awesome rings

Leave it to Miley to take rings to the maximum level of coolness. And while we may not agree with many of her social escapades, nobody can deny that the girl’s got style!

Borrow her fashion cues when it comes to your ring bling. As she shows in this close-up shot of her perfectly polished hand, the sky’s the limit for your rings. You can find designs that are edgy and punky or find ones that are more delicate and feminine. Whatever floats your fancy, make sure to wear tons of them! This season is all about wearing multiple rings at a time– just ask Miley.

Rosie’s chain necklace

Rosie may be a retired Victoria Secret model, but she’ll never retire from jewelry–ever! In one of her gorgeous red carpet shots, Rosie dons a chunky silver necklace fit for a fashion queen. She pairs the necklace with her trademark flowing hair– a brilliant combination of textures.

You can find a similar look with the wholesale silver necklace version at We Silver Jewels. Browse through countless styles, including the chain style, similar to Rosie’s.

Blake’s crystal bracelet



Effortless class is Blake’s mantra. So it’s no surprise that she donned one of the most coveted crystal jewelry pieces at this red carpet event. Her bracelet features rows of blindingly sparkling crystals and a big-fat emerald– just in case we didn’t already know she’s fabulous…

Chunky bracelets have been a huge hit on the runways. To get the runway look for less, you can opt for the wholesale crystal bracelet version. You’ll get celebrity-level glam for a regular person’s budget.

Beyonce’s abstract bracelet


As the ruler of everything awesome, Beyonce gives us a fashion lesson with her abstract crystal bracelet. Matching her neat nude nails, this black and white crystal bracelet reveals a modern geometric design. Within each shape, there’s another shape made with glass, creating negative space so you see her skin right through. Neat, right? We sure think so!

If you love this look, you can go for the wholesale crystal bracelet option. You still get the same level of quality, and yes, we mean real wholesale Swarovski crystals, but you’re not forking out a fortune.

When scoping for the latest silver jewelry inspiration, we can always rely on our favourite celebs to guide the way. So, open up your mind ( and your closet) and jump into the high life of bling.